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Welcome to Cats Cradle Bengals....

We are a relatively new small breeder nestled in the north Herefordshire countryside. We fell in love with this gorgeous breed straight away and now want to share them with you.

We are sure you will agree with us when we say that they are by far the most elegant and intelligent animal that you have ever come across.We are very proud to join the breeding programme and want to excell in producing top quality bengal kittens from outstanding stock for your pleasure.

Our cats and kittens are very important to us & share our home with us, receiving plenty of love and affection resulting in well socialised, impeccably behaved cats. You are welcome to visit our home and meet our gorgeous cats at any time by appointment, and you can do this by phone or email, details on our contacts page.

We look forward to sharing our experiences with you.

Cats & kittens for sale

We have kittens for sale currently of various ages, and older Cats very rarely. Please contact us for any further information or to view by appointment. Please note that we do have waiting lists for our kittens!

Please contact me by calling 01568 720531 or emailing if you require any further information regarding the above kittens. Reservations are now being taken, and we do run an ongoing waiting list for your information. Regular updates will be via our Facebook (click here to visit).