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Arrow Photo Gallery

Arrow is also a brown spotted bengal & shows impeccable type & colouring, he also like his sister has the most loving gentle nature, he was purchased for our daughter & lives here with us as Kiki's companion, he is a neutered male & is not used for stud, but is to demonstrate what a fully grown male would look like to give you a typical example of what your baby kitten will be like in a years time.

He is just gorgeous & can't wait to meet you.

Cats & kittens for sale

We have kittens for sale currently of various ages, and older Cats very rarely. Please contact us for any further information or to view by appointment. Please note that we do have waiting lists for our kittens!

Please contact me by calling 01568 720531 or emailing if you require any further information regarding the above kittens. Reservations are now being taken, and we do run an ongoing waiting list for your information. Regular updates will be via our Facebook (click here to visit).